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Flex Canine Plus 500gm ( new name)

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Flex Canine Plus 500gm ( new name)

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• 100% natural product now with Type II Undenatured Collagen.
• With active ingredients scientifically proven to help improve mobility in dogs by maintaining joint cartilage elasticity and aid in the repair of damaged cartilage.
• Contains Type II Undenatured Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Manganese Ascorbate in a palatable crumble.
• No tablets to try and get down their throat - they love to eat it!
• Economic
• Ideal prophylactic for dogs as they get older.


The mobility of your dog is dependent on it having pain-free joints. Osteo-arthritis and degenerative joint disease are common problems, particularly in older dogs. The articular cartilage in joints plays an important role in maintaining normal joint function. It provides the smooth, frictionless surface for bones to move on. It is able to resist the compressive forces of weight bearing, especially important in large breeds and over weight dogs. 2 Dogs Flex-Canine Plus is a 100% natural product, formulated so that it is highly palatable to dogs, in a crumble form that dogs will eat alone or mixed with their food. No tablets to try and get down their throat.
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