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4Cyte Equine Epiitalis Forte Gel 250ml

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4Cyte Equine Epiitalis Forte Gel 250ml

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Epiitalis the amazing new ingrediant that is changing the life of horses. Now available in a new gel formula. Easy to use and effective. Epiitalis forte will last the average horse 59 days on the maintenance dose. The maintenance dose is just 4 grams a day

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4CYTE Equine is the only joint product to contain the patented ingredient EPIITALIS® .

Combined with NZ Green Lipped Mussel, Abalone and Marine cartilage, the ingredients have been scientifically proven to support the body’s nutritional requirements to help your horse maintain an active lifestyle.

4CYTE Equine with Epiitalis for Cartridge matrix support, is a premium daily joint supplement used to protect, and actively maintain joint health.

Safe to take long-term, it may: Help maintain suppleness to jump, canter or gallop.

Complement prescription joint treatments.

Support healing after a joint injury or surgery.

Help maintain healthy joints at any stage of life. Aid in recuperation after vigorous exercise.

Other benefits include

Simple, non-invasive add to feed application.

Cost effective, small once-daily dosing.

Although a balanced diet will provide a solid foundation, a good supplement is required to promote good health. It is important to visit your vet to develop a strategy as sometimes a multi modal approach is required.

Dosage & Administration

Daily dose: Loading start on 8g per day for 14 days.

Maintenance: After 14 days reduce to 4g per day. Dosage can be varied on weight of animal and state of joint function.

Administration: Draw an accurate volume of suspension from the tube using the applicator supplied then administer on or within feed.

A 250g tube will last 59 days on maintenance dose.

Dosage Instructions

Twist cap off and take off the foil seal, reapply cap. Insert dosage syringe/applicator in the opening of the tube.

Squeeze tube at the same time pull the syringe plunger down to ‘suck out’ the appropriate dosage level.

Note: If gel is stored in the refrigerator the gel in the tube can become stiff.

Bring to room temperature before use.

When tube appears empty, to ensure the maximum volume of gel is utilised bring product to room temperature and squeeze tube by applying pressure down the length of the tube to force any residual gel out.

Tube can also be cut open.

Additional Information

Additional Information



Epiitalis® – extract from Biota orientalis

Soyabean oil Apple flavour

Rosemary extract

Binders including; Maltodextrin, Thaumatin,

Benzyl Alcohol

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