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Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Large Dogs >8kg ( $10 discount already added)

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Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Large Dogs >8kg ( $10 discount already added)

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Seresto collars work like other topicals that protect your pet from fleas and ticks, but as the active ingredients begin to wear off over time the collar releases a new supply in low concentrations to replenish your pets skin and keep them protected for up to 8 months. If your pet swims frequently the duration of the collar does reduce to 5 months and bathing should be done only once a month to maintain the 8 month efficacy.

Worm your dog with drontal once every 3 months.

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Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Large Dogs  is for the treatment and prevention of flea and ticks for up to 8 months on dogs over 8kg.

The collar can be adjusted to any size neck, is water resistant and completely odour free.

 collar for dogs >8kg.

 Dosage and Administration

 One collar per animal to be fitted round neck, allow for 2 fingers to fit between the collar and the pets neck to ensure it fits comfortably.

Cut off any excess length exceeding beyond 2cm.

The collar should be worn continuously for the 8 month protection period and should be removed after the treatment period. Check regularly and adjust if necessary especially when puppies or kittens are rapidly growing.

Do not  use on puppies less than 7 weeks of age.

Innovative technology in flea and tick protection

Seresto's unique polymer matrix enables it to release controlled doses of its active ingredients which are both well tolerated in cats & dogs.

 How to apply Seresto

  1. Remove Seresto from the laminated bag inside the tin and unroll the collar
  2. Make sure you remove any plastic remnants left from the production process of the collar

    How to apply Seresto®

  3. After putting around dog’s neck, push one end of the collar through the loop
  4. Tighten until two fingers fit between the collar and the dog’s neck

    How to apply Seresto®

  5. Take care not to attach the collar too loosely, as it may be pulled over the dog’s head
  6. When optimal fit is reached, excess collar length beyond 2cm should be cut off.

    How to apply Seresto®


Additional Information

Additional Information


Seresto collar contains unique combination of imidacloprid and flumethrin.

The active ingredients spread from where the collar contacts the skin, over the entire skin surface of your dog.

Imidacloprid kills fleas and flumethrin kills ticks.

The mode of action does not require fleas or ticks to bite and ingest the chemical.

Existing ticks need to be removed as they cannot be killed immediately after collar application.

Seresto is especially designed with a safety-closure mechanism for dog’s safety.

For small dogs and puppies up to 8 kg require one Seresto for Dogs and Puppies up to 8 Kg.

Dogs over 8 kg require one Seresto for Dogs Over 8 Kg.

Remove collar from protective pouch immediately before use.

Adjust the collar around the animal’s neck without over-tightening.

Leave at least 2 fingers space between the collar and the neck.

Pull collar through the loop and cut off any excess length extending beyond 2 cm.

Check periodically and adjust fit if necessary, especially when puppies are growing.

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